Just What IS the Hotdogs For The Homeless Game-a-thon?


This question has been asked several times over the last couple of days, so I feel like a bit of elaboration is in order!  Sometimes I forget that in the year since our last game-a-thon, we’ve expanded RGS into three additional states (TX, KS, NY).

Last year around this time we launched the Outreach program of RGS.  Since that time we’ve been involved in several community betterment projects of various kinds.  When we initially kicked-off Outreach, we wanted to lead with a big 24-hour event.  After much discussion, we came together on the idea of a game-a-thon to (a) raise awareness for an important cause (b) raise money to donate toward that cause (c) get the word out that we are available for charitable activity in our communities.  For 24 hours we livestreamed a meet-up where we played retro video games on camera.  There were various challenges and competitions all geared toward bringing in eyeballs and raising cash for our cause.  RGS members who couldn’t make it to the event tuned in via the web (as did many other people).

This year we’re doing it again: Friday-Saturday, August 30-31, 7pm-7pm.  And while the event will be held in OK, never fear — our TX, KS, and NY members can tune into the feed to watch us play and donate online via Paypal.

Paypal donations as a gift to “friend or family” via Paypal (this avoids fees) at: hotdogs@retrogamersociety.com

We’re taking donations now through August 31 at 7pm!  To sweeten the deal, I’ll put some skin in the game if we get $100 in donations before this time Sunday night (August 25).


I will don this ratty old Tanooki suit for the entire duration of the 24-hour livestreaming event if we can meet that Sunday night goal.  Yes, it even has a hood and ears.  So RGS community, let’s kick off this fundraiser right — it only takes 50 donations of $2 to put me in this ghastly abomination for a full day of internet streaming.  Share with your friends and support this cause! ♦

Brandon Cole Phillips

UPDATE: Achievement unlocked!  Looks like I better start packing my overnight bag…




Announcing: Second Annual Hotdogs For The Homeless Fundraiser


Last year on Labor Day Weekend we launched the RGS Outreach program with a fundraiser to benefit an up-and-coming charity called Hotdogs for the Homeless.  Rick Swyden started this incredible organization as a way to reach out to the less fortunate by way of providing a weekly meal that many depend on.  Alongside the meals come socks, toothbrushes, and other supplies that are often seen as staples by the fortunate among us but as luxuries by some below the poverty level.


By livestreaming a 24-hour retro gaming marathon last year, we raised awareness for Rick’s cause as well as $350 to donate to his charity.  Our contribution funded one full week of operations for HftH. And we’re doing it again this year!


There are many reasons people fall below the poverty line and into homelessness, ranging from mental disability to PTSD to simply falling on hard times.  HftH is a fantastic way to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate in a tangible, life impacting way.  Unlike passing cash to a panhandler, you know where your donation goes and how it is spent.  Whether they be unwed mothers, impoverished children, or the homeless: those who show up to benefit from Rick Swyden’s organization’s generosity feel the difference your financial assistance makes.

The Retro Gamers Society works to better the communities we live in every day — and this is the biggest Outreach event we do, so please don’t hesitate to be a part of it!

Paypal donations as a gift to “friend or family” via Paypal (this avoids fees) at: hotdogs@retrogamersociety.com

And don’t forget to tune into the livestreaming event starting at 7pm on August 30!  If you are in the Moore/OKC Oklahoma area, stop in and play a game with us!