New York Comedian Nathan Anderson Signs On For S!BC Closing Ceremonies


SUPER! BitCon will be rife with video game vendors, extraordinary exhibits, and interactive entertainment. After the vendor room settles, however, there is still much to look forward to! As the day ends and night begins, the after-party and closing ceremonies will bring a revelry-filled celebration to cap off the largest Retro Gamers Society meet-up of 2014.

Live music and a cosplay/costume masquerade and contest will draw the awe and amusement of the crowd, but no blow-out bash would be complete without a bit of self-deprecating humor to celebrate our differences (and similarities).

Fortunately, New York geek comedy extraordinaire (and Oklahoma native) Nathan Anderson will be on-site for a half hour of nerd-friendly stand-up. From Xbox trolls to D&D dice rolls, Nathan covers the broad spectrum of much of what makes
RGS members who we are. His geek humor set will take place on the main stage during the closing ceremonies, which are geared toward those 18+.

Check out some of Nathan’s set in the video below and don’t miss his hilarious take on fandom and tomfoolery on March 29th , 2014 at Oklahoma City’s own SUPER! BitCon.

(note: some content not intended for children)


Bylaws Updated To Standardize Community Sales And Exchange Posts

As of today, the RGS Bylaws have been updated with information about the new standards for sales posts within the community. The community was polled, 65 people responded, and these are the rules that crossed the magic 51% majority mark.  Find the bulleted list below or in the RGS Bylaws.

  • All listings of merchandise must have clear and distinguishable photographs showcasing merchandise and highlighting condition.
  • No negotiations of any form are permitted to be discussed publicly, but rather should be conducted via the Facebook private message system, email, or other form of communication.
  • Excessive “bumping” of sales posts will lead to removal of that post.  Coordinators will use discretion in the removal of such posts, but the general rule of thumb would be one “bump” message every three or so days.
  • Sales posts must contain an itemized list and have a price stated, both for goods being sold individually and goods listed as lots.  Listing items up for “best offer” or other such vague pricing schemes will lead to removal of the listing.
  • Merchandise for sale in the Community must be directly video game related.  Coordinators will use discretion in the removal of such unrelated posts, but common sense in posting should be an adequate guide.
  • Absolutely no linking to personal eBay, Craigslist, or any outside internet sales website site will be permitted.

Want to help someone out with selling on the Facebook groups?  Shoot them this simple link to get them started!



‘Tip Top Secrets’ Signs On As SUPER! BitCon Closing Ceremonies Headliner


SUPER! BitCon fast approaches, and one of the things people keep asking us about is what exactly will go down at the closing ceremonies and after-party. Convention after-parties generally follow a formula – and with good reason: it’s a recipe that works. Complete with a costume and cosplay masquerade and contest, stand-up comedian, and band: this S!BC after-party will be an epic way to unwind after a long day of entertainment, bartering, and wheelin–n-dealin’.

So you must be wondering – who’s the headliner band?

Oklahoma’s very own Tip Top Secrets.

Specializing in an eclectic fusion of pop/electronic/psychedelic/punk, Tip Top Secrets also has a few chiptune gems up their sleeves as well. Check out tracks like Candy Coatings and Massacre on Baltic Ave from their recent album Go to Disneyland for ample evidence of their circuit bending, electronic brilliance. With 8-bit inspired tracks on the horizon, this looks to be a thrilling presence to grace our SUPER! BitCon stage.

Check out their work now, pick up a CD (or digital download) of their latest album, and get ready to bang heads and mosh pits with Oklahoma’s finest indie rock talents in March.

After all, we hear that extended Game Gear sessions really prepare the finger joints to throw the horns. \m/

Don’t forget to stay tuned to the SUPER! BitCon website and like the Facebook Page to keep up on the latest S!BC news!