Jumpman Is Back – For An Official Sequel: Jumpman Forever

Inspired by a series of posts on the Oklahoma Game Developers site, I’m going to begin a regular feature highlighting up-and-coming crowd-funded, retro-inspired projects that spark my interest.  A wealth of cool games and products are gaining traction as the independent development scene takes flight.  One project that has jumped out to me in particular is an officially licensed release of a Jumpman sequel that is coming down the pike via its Kickstarter campaign.

Jumpman Forever is under development by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr of Midnight Ryder Technologies, to be released across a plethora of platforms.  Sickmon acquired the rights to produce this game, the first non-freeware/shareware/hobbyist sequel to the Jumpman franchise, from the original developer many moons ago.  Creating this game is a duty that he doesn’t take lightly.  In fact, it has been a project Sickmon has waited 13 years for – because it had to be the right time and environment to materialize a product worthy of the Jumpman name.

Sickmon has a few other recent games in his mechanic-creation repertoire, such as 2010’s “The Horror Game” and 2012’s “The Plastic Army Game”.  His most recent video game, “RetroBreaker”, debuted in 2013 and found a home on iOS, Android, and Mac OS X.

Sickmon takes his responsibility to do Jumpman justice very seriously, with a number of planned updates to amplify the engaging timelessness of the original title.  These innovations include:

  • A host of new levels
  • Retro-chic graphics updates
  • An interactive level editor
  • Innovative cross-platform community and game engine
  • Future-proof animation system for planned upgrades
  • Scheduled releases of new content
  • A second, brand new playable female character with different skills and features

So you’re probably wondering – how is the project coming along?  I had an exclusive look at the beta (editor’s note: a preview beta is now being given away to Kickstarter backers!) and I have to say: it is a faithful reproduction.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.11.26 PM

Granted, this is a very early release, so there are the expected bugs with the controls.  The graphics and audio are a keenly executed throwback to the original game.  The potential is absolutely there for a very fun single- and multi-player experience.  That product is contingent, however, on the Kickstarter project achieving its funding goal.  There are very few instances when I back Kickstarter and other crowd-funded projects, but this is one I couldn’t pass up.  Check it out, back it even at a few bucks, and tell your friends.

Jumpman Forever is a game that needs to happen – and you can help make it so. ♦

Brandon Cole Phillips


Game Developer Matt Harmon & Bonozo Apps: Ready For SUPER! BitCon


We here at SUPER! BitCon HQ are delighted to announce the addition of classic gaming icon Matt Harmon to our esteemed game development panel. With a broad and impressive wealth of credits (from Game Director to Lead Programmer to Lead Designer) dating back to the glory days of Activision, Electronic Arts, T*HQ, and Atari, Matt brings a distinct air of insight to the stage for this unique daytime discussion. His work has involved some classic and memorable titles, such as “The Mask”, “And 1 Streetball”, “X-Files”, “Terminator 3”, “Street Hoops”, “Knockout Kings”, “It Came From the Desert”, “Might & Magic III”, “Project Runway”, and “Bass Master’s Classic”. In the current gaming realm, Matt is still quite active – his company, Bonozo Apps, provides cutting edge entertainment with an undercurrent inspired by the hits of gaming past.

Trailer for hit Bonozo game “Zombie Blaster!”

Its home located square in the heart of Downtown Tulsa, Bonozo Apps was founded in 2011 and quickly became a rising star in the prospering scene of Oklahoma game development. Matt and his team have created a number of engaging titles, such as the smash hit “Zombie Blaster!” and the upcoming releases “Max’s Cosmic Adventure”, “Angry Brokers”, and “Dragon Bones”.

Outside of the gaming-specific ecosphere, Bonozo also offers services in the genres of Edutainment, Social, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), CV (Computer Vision), Medical, Corporate, and Utilities. Under Matt’s keen guidance, his team has pioneered many emerging technologies not just for Oklahoma, but for the nation.

Don’t miss out on this incredible game dev-centric discussion in our panel room on March 29th, 2014 in the Oklahoma State Fair Park’s Hobbies, Arts and Crafts Building. Be certain to swing by Bonozo’s booth as well, to get some hands-on experience with their games!


Oklahoma Video Game Expo & Convention, SUPER! BitCon, Gets A Sneak Peek On Youtube

It has arrived! The sneak peek of our venue and some of what we have planned! Make sure to share it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and more — help us spread the word far and wide! Proceeds from this video game convention will be used to fund group meet-ups across 8+ states for the full year of 2014!