The State of the Group 2014


As of this month, RGS officially celebrates its fourth birthday.  The first Craigslist ads and Facebook group went up in September of 2010, but the group became a living, breathing being when the first public meet-up occurred that October.
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 7.53.35 PM

It was that moment where this became something more than a social media group.  Friendships blossomed.  A whole mechanism was set in motion that rolled ever-onward toward all of the incredible things that have happened over the last four years — and all that is still to come.

I was a bit verbose in last year’s State of the Group update.  If you’re interested in the RGS origin story, it can be a relatively informative read.  I’ll spare the gritty tale of survival, determination, and personal growth, though.  Let’s get to the details:

  • This time last year we were celebrating having 1000 collective members across the Facebook groups.  As of this post, we have over 7500 un-duplicated Facebook group members (and plenty of members who don’t use Facebook).
  • Our State of the Group post last year celebrated 80,000+ hits on the RGS website since its re-launch.  Since last year’s post, we’ve had 248,000+ hits.
  • Last year we talked about the prospects of hosting a gaming expo.  This year we accomplished that by bringing 2,000+ people out for SUPER! BitCon.
  • Last year we celebrated the addition of TXRGS to accompany OKRGS.  Now we have groups in a dozen states.
  • Last year our 2nd Annual Game-a-thon raised $1200 for Hotdogs for the Homeless.  This year we raised over $3,000 at the 3rd Annual Game-a-thon (and another grand at SUPER! BitCon)
  • We’re launching GONCon to better network all gamers in Oklahoma.

It’s been a pretty big year.  And things are only getting better.  Remember to stay tuned to our Facebook page, as well as the S!BC page for updates.  And follow us on Twitter. The state of the group is strong — and we’re not slowing down.

Happy 4th birthday, RGS! ♦

BC Phillips




Vendor and exhibitor registrations for SUPER! BitCon are officially open at midnight!  Mailers have gone out to hundreds of personalities and businesses to engage their participation in this enormous celebration of gaming culture.  The buzz is strong and the excitement level is up to 11.

What does this mean?

It means we are anticipating a rich and overwhelming response!  Because of the number of projected requests for booth space, we are requesting your patience during the 2-3 weeks it will take us to sort through registration applications.

Two or three weeks?!

Cultivating the most optimal assortment of game sellers, merchandise dealers, artists, authors, and others takes great care and consideration. We have room for just over eighty 8-foot tables in our current [tentative] arrangement, and we want to utilize that space as economical and resourceful manner as possible.  Read that as: we want to pack as many of you into the State Fair Park as we comfortably and contentedly can.

This means that registrations are not doled out on a first-come-first-served basis, but rather will be pooled and chosen based on heavy consideration.  So please, make certain to send in your registration ASAP to get in the running!

I get that.  What do you need from me?

Registering for exhibitor/vendor space is simple.  Just send an email with the following information to sales@superbitcon.com:

  • Name of company/Your name
  • How the booth would be used
  • How many tables you would like
  • Whether or not you are requesting a premium location ($75/table) or standard ($50/table)
  • Your website (if applicable)
  • City & State you would be traveling from (if not from OK)

That’s it!  You’ll hear back from us in less than three weeks.  Upon approval of your registration, payment via Paypal is due within 30 days of that notice.

Thanks for your interest in SUPER! BitCon and we look forward to hearing from you all!


SUPER! BitCon Vendor/Exhibitor Registrations Open November 9th


SUPER! BitCon is a mere five months away, and the rush of requests about booth space has been very exciting!  Much of what we are hearing is that prospective vendors and exhibitors want to “lock in” space now, rather than potentially miss out on this gargantuan gaming celebration.  The S!BC planning committee discussed a number of dates to open up vendor registrations, and here’s the good news: vendor registrations will open up Saturday, November 9th.

We do have limited space with which to work, however: enough room for around eighty 8-foot tables.  Our primary focus of this event is to bring a day-long celebration of video gaming to America’s heartland – and to do that we will have to be fastidious in approving booth reservations.  We want a healthy mix of exhibits, merchandise, and collectables that caters to this niche we all love.  Because of this, not all registrations will receive approval right away.  Do not be alarmed if you do not hear back immediately – all registrations will be put into a pool of consideration weighed on placement, size, and focus.  This is the primary reason for the five month window on opening up registrations.


With our current tentative map we have 24 premium placement spots and 57 standard spots.  Registration for multiple booth spaces is allowed and encouraged for those who might be bringing a large assortment of merchandise.

So vendors and exhibitors, mark your calendars for November 9th!  And thanks for supporting this RGS fundraising event that will help to continue fueling our group operations into 2014!  Registration requests will be accepted at: sales@superbitcon.com


This Weekend: Full Coverage Of The Portland Retro Gaming Expo


This weekend marks the arrival of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in — you guessed it — Portland, Oregon.  A wise man once sang “the dream of the nineties is alive in Portland“.  This weekend that is more true than ever as thousands convene at the Oregon Convention Center to celebrate the timeless hobby that brings us all together.  From panels, to supercades, to video game costume contests — this con represents all that retro gaming fanatics thrive upon.  And RGS will be there covering it all.  Stay tuned for DCC’s liveblog, our daily photo updates, and our Twitter blasts to keep up with the action!

It’ll be a long weekend, but there’s much to look forward to! ♦

Brandon Cole Phillips