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RGS members try to hold official meet-ups once a month. Meet-ups involve playing games, buying, selling, and trading, & FREE FOOD! We organize and RSVP via Facebook, so check out our groups below to get involved. On our Facebook groups, you can organize micro-meetups for tournaments, game hunts, and more. Note: due to the success of RGS, we encounter imposter Facebook groups on occasion — only groups linked on this page are trusted, official RGS entities.

These groups can also be used to shoot the breeze, discuss local deals, or even challenge someone to two-player!  So don’t forget to join up!  If you want to sell stuff, please stick to the community-voted rules as a way to keep the Facebook group tidy — craigslist or the Exchange work a lot better for that anyhow.

→ Wish there was an RGS group available in your state? Hit us up about chartering a branch!  We are looking for coordinators!