gonconThe Gamers of Oklahoma Networking Conference (GONCon) will be held November 15, 2014 at Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond, OK.  Gamers from all genres (video gamers, tabletop gamers, et al) are invited to come down for this incredible collaborative, seminar-style event.  Click this link to RSVP (or you can simply show up the day of the conference).
LOCATION: Auditorium 120 in the Harvey Business Building at Oklahoma Christian University.

Tentative Itinerary

1:00PM // Welcome to GONCon

Organizers introduce themselves and GONCon’s mission.


1:10PM // Quick Connect

In this free-roaming group icebreaker, mingle with fellow conference guests to identify commonalities on a provided worksheet. The first person to complete the worksheet wins a prize generously provided by our friends at Game Stop!


1:30PM // Who’s Who Introductions

A rapid-fire open-mic activity, beginning with conference sponsors and extending into the audience — where all attendees are invited to state who they are, what they are involved with in Oklahoma Gaming, and what brought them to the conference.


2:00PM // Mingle Madness

A fifteen-minute break as the next session is prepared. This is a great opportunity to share cards and contact info with fellow Oklahoma gamers or simply shoot the breeze.


2:15PM // Breakout Session: Collaborating to Connect

The Who’s Who session identified a handful of clear categories in Oklahoma gaming culture. The group will be split into small groups by these categories and challenged to develop three or more ways that these various groups can better work together. These ideas will be thrown back out to the group for discussion and consideration.


2:45PM // Shaping Oklahoma Events

Our state plays host to a number of unique gaming events. Many of the organizers of these events are in attendance. Maybe you are planning on hosting an event as well! In this open thought exercise, we will use crowd-sourced collaboration to collect a thumbprint of Oklahoma gamer culture, gather insight into what has worked well in events in the past, and compile a “top ten” list of “must-have” features Oklahoma gamers need to coax them through the door!


3:30PM // Panel: Group Therapy

Leaders and organizers of Oklahoma groups sit down for a roundtable discussion about how their groups came to be, best practices for organizing “meet-up” style events, and take questions from the audience about group genesis and organization.


4:15PM // Mingle Madness

A fifteen-minute break. This is a great opportunity to share cards and contact info with fellow Oklahoma gamers or simply shoot the breeze.


4:30PM // Closing Arguments

Beginning with a break-out session, groups will collaborate to come up with two lists, 3 of the most important benefits from attending GONCon and 3 improvements or activities/events that would be useful for a GONCon 2.


4:50PM // Conclusion

With a warm thanks, GONCon organizers close the event.