2014 Top Five ScrewAttack Gaming Convention Experiences

Last year we posted the “Top Five ScrewAttack Gaming Convention Experiences” in anticipation of the sprawling DFW area gaming show.  This year we’re treating you to some scheduling tips once more.  Here re the slightly hidden gems amongst the broad panel schedule for 2014’s SGC.


5. Electronic vs Tabletop Gaming

Roll 2 Play’s Tiffany Franzoni floats an interesting query to her panel… Is electronic gaming is better than tabletop gaming?  The Retro Gamers Society has fans of both sides of the debate – but will this be the discussion that converts some to one side or the other?  Probably not.  But will it be probably the most intellectually stimulating conversation of the weekend?  I’m betting on it.  Drop into Panel Room 3 Friday at 6:30PM to be a part of it.

4. ProJared’s Box of Mystery

I’m not sure what it is ProJared keeps in his box – but what I do know is this guy is passionate about gaming culture and shows it both in his online coverage and his interactions with his adoring fans.   The dude is a stand-up guy, we loved having him at SUPER! BitCon and we definitely love his panels.  While ProJared’s candor alone should be enough of a draw to this panel, which takes place at 2PM in Panel Room 2 Friday afternoon, we have to wonder… what’s in the box?

3. Youtube Hell

There’s that old balding guy in your office who smells like beets and insists you watch the latest video about the chemtrails commercial airplanes are leaving behind – spraying us like big crop-dusters full GMO gluten dust to keep us subservient to the federal government.  Well take that video, slow it down by 60%, set it to Eurotrash death metal and sandwich it between a Middle Eastern parody of the Mickey Mouse Club and a video of a guy drinking three liters of olive oil and you have what SGC calls “Youtube Hell”.  Starting at 11:30 Saturday night in Panel Room 3, this evening romp through the depths of subversive viral video will not disappoint your most curious of tendencies.

2. Q&A with Smooth McGroove

The current description for this panel on the SGC schedule simply says “Video game talk. BE THERE!”  And that’s a startling disservice.  Smooth McGroove may be new to the YouTube personality scene, but his a cappella game theme covers are not only bafflingly impressive insofar as production quality and rhythmic precision – he has a cat co-star too!  The internet loves cats.  Check out this phenomenal Q&A opportunity at 6PM Saturday on the Main Stage.

1. Powerfest – The Champ Looks Back At The Nintendo World Championships

Very similar in nature and tone to the “Nintendo World Champion” panel we facilitated at SUPER! BitCon in March, this extraordinary experience brings together two of RGS’s favorite people – video game journalist Patrick Scott Patterson and winner of Nintendo World Championships and Tetris world master Thor Aackerlund.  Thor and PSP will revisit the glory days of the 8-bit uber competition mirrored only in length and depth by 1990’s Fred Savage cult-classic The Wizard.  Check it out Saturday night at 10pm in Panel Room 2.


Checkout the show schedule on the SGC site for more fun and festivities – and keep a look out for fellow RGS members roaming the convention halls.  An RGS meet-up can happen pretty much anywhere at these cons – and last year it certainly did.  I’ll see you guys there. ♦



The Top Five ScrewAttack Gaming Convention Experiences


The ScrewAttack Gaming Convention is fast approaching – it’s this weekend!  But with a jam-packed guest list, exhibition hall, and panel stages – how is a retro gamer to know which events are most significant to their interests?  Never fear – the RGS staff has narrowed the massive list down to a simple top five. So, clear your schedule, pop your copy of Mary-Kate and Ashley Pocket Planner into your GBA, and pencil in these must-have experiences.

5. Retro Gaming Gauntlet Tourney


SCG, like many conventions of this type, has a room set up specifically for gaming.  Within this room, at 10:00 PM – 11:59 PM Saturday, there will be a classic video game tournament with various titles to choose from.   So hop into the Marsalis B room and spend two hours battling your rivals old school style.  Here’s hoping that Mario Kart 64 is on the agenda!


At 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Saturday, the Game Overthinker (Bob Chipman) will be doing a panel all about his web series and blog, which bring a touch of reality to the world of video gaming.  With wit and humor, Bob takes a literal look at games that can create reality distortion fields which suspend our disbelief. Though his humor isn’t for everyone – he does target many of the classic icons and references that RGS members hold dear.  Check out his take on the rumored impending video game crash below:


3. Video Game Collecting 101

Artist's representation of how awesome it will seem.

Artist’s representation of how awesome it will seem.

This is a panel not to miss!  Several online retro gaming personalities will gather on stage in this unique panel to discuss the successes, foibles, and unique experiences that crop up in the eternal hunt for sweet finds and personal grails.  Join Pat “the NES Punk” Contri, ProJared, Mike Matei from Cinemassacre, and Billy & Jay of The Game Chasers as they recall some of the finer moments in pursuit of their passions – some of which might mirror your own flea market misadventures!  Check it out at 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM Friday.

2. Not a porn site…The Official ScrewAttack Panel


ScrewAttack has accomplished success that many internet entertainment pioneers only dream of.   Founded in 2006 with a simple audio podcast, it has grown to be a go-to source of gaming information and media – both retro and modern.  But what really goes on down at the ScrewAttack headquarters?  The Official ScrewAttack Panel aims to answer just that.  It all goes down at 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Saturday (in the same time slot as the Overthinker, but on a different stage).

1. Adam Sessler: One on One


I’ve been a fan of video game journalist Adam Sessler since way back in the good old ZDTV/TechTV days when he hosted X-Play with the wonderful Morgan Webb.  His career has been one of wild swings and rapid adaptation to the ever-changing technology of new media, but his panache and class have always remained.  With an always-fresh, rivetingly insightful perspective on video gaming culture, concept, and design, Sessler brings a unique voice to the hobby.  Check out his one-on-one QA session at 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Saturday.

If that’s not enough retro gaming delight to satisfy your appetite, be sure to check out the TXRGS meet-up at Barcadia this Saturday night.  RGS members will be kicking back in this relaxed, retro gamer friendly atmosphere well into the evening!  ♦

Brandon Cole Phillips