The State of the Group 2014


As of this month, RGS officially celebrates its fourth birthday.  The first Craigslist ads and Facebook group went up in September of 2010, but the group became a living, breathing being when the first public meet-up occurred that October.
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It was that moment where this became something more than a social media group.  Friendships blossomed.  A whole mechanism was set in motion that rolled ever-onward toward all of the incredible things that have happened over the last four years — and all that is still to come.

I was a bit verbose in last year’s State of the Group update.  If you’re interested in the RGS origin story, it can be a relatively informative read.  I’ll spare the gritty tale of survival, determination, and personal growth, though.  Let’s get to the details:

  • This time last year we were celebrating having 1000 collective members across the Facebook groups.  As of this post, we have over 7500 un-duplicated Facebook group members (and plenty of members who don’t use Facebook).
  • Our State of the Group post last year celebrated 80,000+ hits on the RGS website since its re-launch.  Since last year’s post, we’ve had 248,000+ hits.
  • Last year we talked about the prospects of hosting a gaming expo.  This year we accomplished that by bringing 2,000+ people out for SUPER! BitCon.
  • Last year we celebrated the addition of TXRGS to accompany OKRGS.  Now we have groups in a dozen states.
  • Last year our 2nd Annual Game-a-thon raised $1200 for Hotdogs for the Homeless.  This year we raised over $3,000 at the 3rd Annual Game-a-thon (and another grand at SUPER! BitCon)
  • We’re launching GONCon to better network all gamers in Oklahoma.

It’s been a pretty big year.  And things are only getting better.  Remember to stay tuned to our Facebook page, as well as the S!BC page for updates.  And follow us on Twitter. The state of the group is strong — and we’re not slowing down.

Happy 4th birthday, RGS! ♦

BC Phillips

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